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Dried Flowers

Introduction of Dried Flowers in Resin Art

Dried flowers are becoming very popular for using in resin crafts and jewelry. The special beauty and textures of dried flowers look very nice with the shiny finish of resin. From home decor and gifts to jewelry, dried flowers in resin allow you to keep the natural beauty and make stunning pieces that will last many years.

Dried roses, lavender, baby’s breath, and protea are some of the many dried flowers that can be put into resin. Their soft colors and shapes add visual interest to any resin piece. The see-through resin locks in the flowers’ beauty while showing their details. Dried flowers in resin make great gifts, whether you are making jewelry, paperweights, coasters, or sculptures.

The dried flowers contrast very nicely with the resin, highlighting the tiny details of the flowers. Read on to learn techniques for properly drying flowers and mixing them seamlessly into professional-looking resin pieces. With the right knowledge, you can make resin art and jewelry that use the classic beauty of dried flowers.

How to Dry Flowers for Resin

To use dried flowers in resin crafts, they need to be completely dried first. There are many good techniques for fully drying flowers to get them ready for resin:

  • Air Drying: The easiest method is air drying. Hang bouquets or loose flowers upside down in a warm, dry area with good airflow. Depending on the flower, air drying can take 1-3 weeks. Turn the flowers periodically to ensure even drying.
  • Silica Gel: For faster drying, you can use silica gel. Place your flowers in an airtight container and cover them completely with silica gel beads. The silica will actively absorb moisture and dry the flowers in 4-7 days.
  • Microwave Drying: Microwave drying requires placing flowers between paper towels and microwaving them for 1-2 minutes, depending on the flower. This quick method works best for flowers with lots of water. Avoid overheating delicate flowers.
  • Pressing: To keep a flower’s flat shape, press flowers between the pages of heavy books after air drying them for 1 week. The pages gently absorb extra moisture over several weeks.

No matter which technique you use, check for moisture by touching the petals and stems before adding them to resin. Extra moisture can stop resin from hardening properly. Take your time for best results.

If dried flowers lose color, become brittle, or grow mold, they were not dried thoroughly enough for resin. Troubleshoot your method and repeat the process with new flowers. Proper drying is key for long-lasting resin crafts showing the elegance of dried flowers.

Choosing the Right Flowers for Resin

When picking dried flowers for resin, consider the color, shape, and texture that will work best for your design. Here are some top choices:

  • Roses – These classic flowers keep their beauty and soft, velvety texture when dried. Mini roses work very well in jewelry and small projects.
  • Lavender – Fragrant dried lavender has a delicate shape and calming purple color. Keep their tiny buds whole for resin jewelry.
  • Sunflowers – For bold yellow color, dry small sunflowers. Their thick petals hold up well in resin.
  • Baby’s Breath – Wispy clusters of tiny white flowers make an airy, delicate addition to resin pieces.
  • Orchids – To add exotic flair, orchid flowers dry very nicely, keeping their exquisite shapes and colors.
  • Protea – The unique, spiky shape of protea dries perfectly to showcase intricate details.
  • Ferns – Delicate dried ferns suit natural themes. Their wispy greenery goes well with flowers.

Avoid using very delicate flowers like tulips, peonies or poppies. Their thin petals can become see-through and fall apart when drying. Skip flowers like hydrangeas and gardenias that can turn brown during drying.

Take time to arrange your chosen flowers before pouring resin so they stay evenly spread and avoid floating upward. Dried flowers with thin, lightweight petals may need gluing in place. Put stems into resin or place a tiny drop of glue on each flower back.

How to Use Dried Flowers in Resin

Mixing dried flowers into resin opens up many pretty, nature-inspired design options. Follow these key steps for professional looking results:

Pick Your Resin: Choose a high-quality casting resin like EasyCast clear epoxy. These 2-part resins cure crystal clear to showcase dried flowers. Avoid cheaper tabletop resins, which can yellow over time.

Mix the Resin: Carefully mix resin and hardener according to package directions, stirring thoroughly. Only mix as much resin as you can pour in your project’s mold or embed flowers in during the working time.

Prepare Your Flowers: Arrange dried flowers in your chosen mold or jewelry setting. Use floral wire to create stems for loose flowers to insert into the resin. Glue down any extremely lightweight blossoms.

Pour the Resin: Slowly fill your mold, covering flowers completely while minimizing air bubbles. Use a stick to pop any bubbles that rise to the surface.

Embed the Flowers: If adding loose dried flowers, fully push each flower below the surface, gently pressing with a stick to remove trapped air bubbles. Work quickly before resin starts to harden.

Allow Resin to Cure: Leave cast resin pieces untouched while resin cures fully. Cure times vary by brand. Jewelry settings can be carefully moved to a flat position.

Remove Excess Resin: Once cured, use files and sandpaper to smooth away any extra resin around edges and jewelry bail. Avoid contacting dried flowers.

Apply Finishing Touches: Finish by gently buffing cured resin pieces with a polishing pad. For jewelry, add chain or cord with pliers to complete your unique piece.

Get creative with ways to highlight dried flowers in resin! Press tiny individual flowers into pendant trays or bezel cups to make floral jewelry. Decorate trinket dishes, figurines, paperweights, and vases with colorful resin accents featuring dried flowers. Let your imagination run wild!

Where to Buy Dried Flowers for Resin

Good quality dried flowers make all the difference for resin projects. Here are some great places to find dried flowers:

  • Online Stores: Many online stores sell dried flowers specifically for resin as well as preserved mosses, leaves, and pressed ferns. Etsy shops also sell dried flower supplies.
  • Craft Stores: Big retailers like Michaels and Hobby Lobby have a wide choice of affordable dried flowers suitable for resin. Check the floral section.
  • Flower Shops: Many local florists sell dried roses, lavender and other flowers by the stem or in bulk. Ask about special orders.
  • Plant Nurseries: Nurseries focused on drought-resistant plants may sell selections of preserved grasses, succulents, and protea.
  • Around Your Home: Your own garden is a great source! Air dry rose clippings and other flowers from your landscaping.

For the best value, buy dried flowers in bulk for all your resin projects. Choose high quality flowers with consistent colors and flexible petals. With the right dried flowers, you can make endless beautiful resin art and jewelry!


Working with dried flowers and resin opens up endless options for stylish jewelry, home decor, and art that will last for years. By properly drying flowers and carefully embedding them in glossy resin, you can display their elegant colors and tiny details in new, creative ways. Ready to explore using dried flowers in resin? Browse my website and shop my collection of handmade resin jewelry with preserved roses, lavender, and other flowers. Visit the links below to my website, Myntra shop, and Amazon store to start making your own beautiful dried flower resin pieces today. Happy creating!

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