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Resin artwork has emerged as a fascinating and famous form of artistic expression, allowing individuals to create beautiful and particular pieces that captivate the eye. Whether you’re an experienced resin artist or a curious novice, getting access to extraordinary resin molds,  and silicone molds is vital to unleashing your creativity and bringing your creative vision to life.

In this text, we will delve into the exciting global nature of resin art and guide you on where to buy resin molds and silicone molds online in India. With a focus on excellence and consumer delight, Meraki Artencial Store is your one-stop destination for premium artwork supplies. We are also available on Amazon.

Buy resin molds online in India

Resin molds are an extraordinary way to create your own particular and exquisite resin artwork pieces. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can locate the correct mold for your project. Whether you’re trying to make rings, coasters, home décor, or anything else, there is a resin mold out there for you.

DIY Resin Art

Unleash Your Creativity DIY resin artwork opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing you to infuse your unique style and creativity into your artwork. Whether you are a seasoned artist or a novice, resin art offers a versatile medium to experiment with colours, textures, and techniques. By combining resin with various additives and pigments, you can achieve beautiful results and create personalised pieces that reflect your artistic vision. With the guidance of Meraki Artencial Store, you can embark on a fascinating journey of self-expression and creativity. Their comprehensive range of supplies, including resin, pigments, and tools, will empower you to explore unique techniques such as resin pouring, resin casting, and resin jewellery making. As you immerse yourself in the world of DIY resin art, Meraki Artencial Store will be there to support you with their exceptional products and resources.

Buy Resin Silicone Mold Online In India

Silicone and resin can be a dynamic combination, adding texture and dimension to your resin art projects. Meraki Artencial Store recognises the potential of this fusion and offers a wide range of Silicone and resin molds online in India. Whether you are looking for air-dry Silicone or polymer  their selection caters to different preferences and creative styles. By incorporating Silicone into your resin artwork, you can create intricate patterns, add depth to your designs, and explore new possibilities. Meraki Artencial Store provides the tools and resources you need to experiment with this exciting combination, allowing you to push the boundaries of your creativity and create truly unique art pieces.

Buy Silicone molds Online in India

Silicone molds are essential for resin artists, as they allow you to achieve intricate details and superb finishes in your resin artwork. Meraki Artencial Store offers a diverse range of silicone molds online in India, designed to meet the specific needs of resin artists. These molds are flexible, durable, and easy to use, ensuring that your demolding process is smooth and seamless. Whether you are creating jewellery, coasters, or decorative items, Meraki Artencial Store has a wide selection of silicone molds to match every artistic project. Their collection includes molds with various shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing you to explore your creativity and bring your artistic vision to life. Whether you want to create intricate pendants, statement pieces, or unique home decor items, their silicone molds provide precise detailing and excellent results.

Buy Silicone mold Resin at the Best Prices

Choosing the right resin is crucial for achieving remarkable results in resin artwork. Meraki Artencial Store not only provides top-quality molds but also offers high-grade silicone mold resin at the best prices. Their silicone mold resin is specifically formulated to ensure excellent clarity, minimal bubbles, and UV resistance. This means that your resin artwork pieces will have long-lasting vibrancy and durability. By purchasing silicone mold resin from Meraki Artencial Store, you can trust the quality of the materials and create artwork that stands out.

Benefits of Using Resin molds

There are many benefits to using resin molds. First, they are very easy to use. Simply pour your resin into the mold and let it cure. Second, resin molds are very durable. They can withstand the heat and pressure of the resin curing process, so you can be sure that your finished product will be of high quality. Third, resin molds are very versatile. You can use them to create a wide variety of projects, from jewellery to home decor.

Where to Buy Resin molds in India

You can purchase resin molds from the Meraki Artencial Store website or on Amazon. There are different types of resin molds available, so you’re sure to find the right ones for your project.

How to Choose the Right Resin mold

When choosing a resin mold, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, think about the size and shape of the project you want to create. Make sure to choose a mold that is the right size for your project. Second, consider the material of the mold. Resin molds are usually made from silicone or plastic. Silicone molds are more flexible than plastic molds, which makes it easier to remove your project from the mold. However, plastic molds are more durable and can withstand more heat than silicone molds.

How to Use Resin molds

Once you have selected the right resin mold, it’s time to start creating your project. Here are some tips for using resin molds:

  1. Prepare the mold. Make sure the mold is clean and free of debris. You may also want to wipe it down with a damp cloth.
  2. Mix the resin: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to mix the resin properly.
  3. Pour the resin into the mold. Be sure to fill the mold completely.
  4. Let the resin cure. The curing time may take several hours or even overnight.
  5. Remove the project from the mold: Once the resin has cured, carefully remove your project from the mold, being cautious not to damage it.

Meraki Artencial Store

The Meraki Artencial Store is a great place to buy resin molds in India. They have a wide variety of molds to choose from, and their prices are very affordable. You can find the Meraki Artencial Store on Amazon and their website.


Resin molds are a great way to create your own unique and beautiful resin art pieces. They’re easy to use, durable, and versatile. If you’re looking to get started with resin art, make sure to pick up some resin molds. You won’t be disappointed.

Ultimately, resin art offers a fascinating and flexible medium for artistic expression. To enhance your creative journey and bring your vision to life, it is essential to have access to high-quality resin,  and silicone molds. Available on our website and Amazon, we offer the widest range of premium art supplies in India. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction ensures that you’ll find the right tools and materials to further your resin art projects. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced artist, the wide selection of resin molds,  silicone molds, and silicone mold resin from Meraki Artencial Store will inspire your creativity and help you create amazing art pieces. Explore our online store today and unlock the infinite possibilities of resin art. Elevate your artistic journey with the finest materials and embark on a captivating and fulfilling creative adventure.

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