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Baby Pink Chrysanthemum dried flowers for resin

Enhance your artistic endeavors with our pressed natural chrysanthemum flowers. This pack includes 12pcs of baby pink chrysanthemum flowers, each with a diameter of approximately 1” – 1 3/16” (25-30 mm). Ideal for various DIY projects, such as framed artwork, phone case decoration, cards, scrapbooking, and diary, these real dried flowers add a touch of elegance and natural beauty to your creations. Get your pack now from Meraki Artencia Store!



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Discover the enchanting beauty of baby pink chrysanthemum flowers with our pressed natural chrysanthemum flowers pack, available at Meraki Artencia Store. Each pack contains 12pcs of meticulously pressed chrysanthemum flowers, showcasing their vibrant hues and delicate petals.

These real dried flowers are perfect for unleashing your creativity and adding a touch of nature to your DIY projects. Whether you’re creating framed artwork, decorating phone cases, designing unique cards, or exploring the art of scrapbooking and diary, these chrysanthemum flowers will elevate your creations with their charm.

The diameter of each flower is approximately 1” – 1 3/16” (25-30 mm), making them versatile for various crafting needs. These flowers are carefully selected for their aesthetic appeal, ensuring that they bring visual delight to your projects. They are also ideal for resin jewelry making, candle decoration, furniture embellishments, and so much more.

When you purchase this pack of pressed chrysanthemum flowers from Meraki Artencia Store, you can be assured of their quality and readiness for shipment. To maintain their longevity, it is recommended to store them in a dark and dry place, as prolonged exposure to sunlight and moisture may cause natural discoloration or yellowing in some flowers.

Please note that natural materials, including flowers, petals, leaves, seeds, and moss, may have slight imperfections or marks. These flaws are natural and serve as a testament to the plants’ exposure to the elements. Rest assured, we meticulously select our materials to ensure their aesthetic appeal and overall quality.

Elevate your artistic projects with the beauty of baby pink chrysanthemum flowers. Shop now at Meraki Artencia Store and unlock a world of creative possibilities!


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