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12 Pieces Pink dried flowers for resin

Buy 12 pieces pink rose flowers to elevate your DIY projects. These pressed natural roses are ideal for framed artwork, cards, and more. Shop for real dried flowers online in India at Meraki Artencial Store.



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Transform your creative projects with 12 pieces pink rose flowers from Meraki Artencial Store. These pressed natural roses are perfect for various DIY endeavors. Use them to create stunning framed artwork, decorate phone cases, design unique cards, and explore endless possibilities. Each piece of pink rose flower is carefully pressed to preserve its natural beauty.

Package Includes:

  • 12 pieces pink rose dried flowers for resin

Our products are ready for shipment, and we ensure high-quality materials for your artistic needs. Store the pressed flowers in a dark, dry place to maintain their vibrant colors. Please note that natural materials may have slight variations, adding to their uniqueness and charm. These pink rose flowers have been carefully selected and preserved, showcasing their delicate petals and captivating fragrance.



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